Fiber Optic Hybrid Daylighting System using Fresnel Lens


Optical fiber based daylighting system using Fresnel lens have been implemented, and Fresnel lenses have been used for solar thermal energy. In the daylighting systems, they are used to make the system cost-effective. To manufacture Fresnel lens, Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is used. This material is available at low cost. Fresnel lens is also advantageous in rapid manufacturing. Previous daylighting systems did not discuss the issue of entering maximum sunlight into the fiber bundle. In the proposed method, we tried to insert maximum sunlight into the fiber bundle to achieve high illuminance at the destination.

Creating Collimated illumination

Fresnel lens collects the sunlight and focuses it over the small area. We placed a collimating lens (plano-concave lens) to create collimated light for the optical fibers. After the collimating lens, optical fibers are arranged in the form of bundle efficiently by reducing the air gap between them. Plastic optical fiber is used to make the optical system cost-effective.

Fiber Optic Hybrid Daylighting System using Fresnel Lens

Light in the interior

To distribute the light in the interior, a biconcave lens is used. A plano-concave lens can also be used, but biconcave lens gives very wide light distribution to cover a large area.

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