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Exploring the Impact of Natural Light Exposure on Sleep of Healthy Older Adults: A Field Study

Mariëlle P. J. Aarts, Janny C. Stapel, Toine A. M. C. Schoutens, Joost van Hoof

Research Article Studies among people with dementia demonstrated that the sleep quality and rhythm improves significantly when people are exposed to ambient bright light. Since almost half of the healthy older people also indicate to suffer from chronic sleep disorders, the question arises whether ambient bright ...

Published on 4 May 2018

Impact of Furniture Layout on Indoor Daylighting Performance in Existing Residential Buildings in Malaysia

Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, Tareef Hayat Khan, Lim Yaik Wah

Research Article Currently, home-based computing workspaces have developed substantially all over the world, especially in Malaysia. This growing trend attracts computer workers to run a business from their residential units. Hence, visual comfort needs to be considered in addition to thermal comfort for home workers in ...

Published on 8 January 2018

Design and Optical Evaluation of a Novel Asymmetric Lens-Walled Compound Parabolic Concentrator (ALCPC) Integration with Building South Wall

Qingdong Xuan, Guiqiang Li, Gang Pei, Yuehong Su, Jie Ji

Research Article Solar concentrating system is an effective way of combing solar energy with the building to satisfy the needs besides of electricity and hot water, also includes building heating, refrigeration, dehumidification, which require higher quality heat source. This paper put forward a novel static ...

Published on 4 September 2017

Effect of Window Glazing on Colour Quality of Transmitted Daylight

Rajendra Dangol, Thijs Kruisselbrink, Alexander Rosemann

Research ArticleIn this study, the colour quality of the daylight transmitted through different window glazing types is evaluated. The analysis considered four different types of window glazing: laminated, monolithic, coated and applied film glazing ranging in luminous transmittance from around 0.97 to <0.1. The spectral transmittance data ...

Published on 9 November 2017


Journal of Daylighting is an international journal devoted to investigations of daylighting in buildings. It is the leading journal that publishes original research on all aspects of daylighting. The aim is to present cutting edge research aimed at reducing the electric lighting energy use in buildings and improving indoor environment.

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  • Daylighting systems
  • Lighting simulation
  • Lighting designs
  • Luminaires
  • Lighting metrology and light quality
  • Lighting control
  • Building physics - lighting
  • Building energy modeling
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Zero-energy buildings
  • Indoor environment quality
  • Sustainable solar energy systems
  • Application of solar energy sources in buildings
  • Photovoltaics systems
  • Building-integrated photovoltaics
  • Concentrator technology
  • Concentrated photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal


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Research Articles

Solar Energy Gain and Space-Heating Energy Supply Analyses for Solid-Wall Dwelling Retrofitted with the Experimentally Achievable U-value of Novel Triple Vacuum Glazing

Saim Memon and Philip C Eames

Research Article A considerable effort is devoted to devising retrofit solutions for reducing space-heating energy in the domestic sector. Existing UK solid-wall dwellings, which have both heritage values and historic fabric, are being improved but they tend to have meagre thermal performance, partly, due to ...

Published on 7 February 2017

Solar Shading in Low Energy Office Buildings - Design Strategy and User Perception

Steinar Grynning, Nicola Lolli, Solvår Wågø, and Birgit Risholt

Research Article The objective of this paper is to investigate the visual comfort and quality of daylight in modern office buildings in the Nordic climate. A study of various daylight-related aspects and qualities was carried out for three different office buildings, using a combination of quantitative and ...

Published on 2 February 2017

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