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Dr. Lim Boon Han

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Associate Editor

Dr. Lim Boon Han is an Assistant Professor at the University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. He has published more than 15 research articles in high impact journals, and he has 14 Chinese patents. He has engaged in research and engineering work for 15 years where he has gained experiences in Sun Tracking and Sun Trackers, High Concentration Solar Furnaces, Low Concentration PV (LCPV) System, Flat Plate Crystalline PV Module and System, Research on the effect of solar irradiation to the performance of various PV system, High Concentration PV (HCPV), and Concentrated Solar Thermal Power. He has engaged in different solar energy projects. He served as Chief Engineer of the projects: 205kW LCPV Solar Power Plant, 450kW LCPV Solar Power Plant, Spain, 1MW LCPV Solar Power Plant, and 2MW Solar Furnaces Field for Solar Grade Silicon Purification and Chief Technical Officer of the project: 25MW Mono-crystalline Solar Cell Production Line. He is the member of International Solar Energy Society and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Read more ...

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Research Interests

  • Sun tracking and sun trackers (heliostats)
  • Solar power plants
  • Concentrated PV systems
  • Non-imaging solar concentrators for solar thermal power systems
  • High concentration solar furnaces

Selected Publications

Development of Silicon Purification by Strong Radiation Catalysis Method

Journal: Chinese Physics B

Published: 2010 | External link

Silicon Purification by a New Type of Solar Furnace

Journal: Chinese Physics Letters

Published: 2009 | External link

Realization of Tip Tilting By 8-Step Line Tilting

Journal: Communications in Theoretical Physics

Published: 2009 | External link

Digitalized Mirror Array and Its Application in Large Telescope: Principle and Case Studies

Journal: Communications in Theoretical Physics

Published: 2009 | External link

General Sun Tracking Formula for Heliostats With Arbitrarily Oriented Axes

Journal: Journal of Solar Energy Engineering

Published: 2006 | External link

Off-axis aberration correction surface in solar energy application

Journal: Solar Energy

Published: 2006 | External link