Dr. Petar Pejic

Dr. Petar Pejić

University of Niš

Editorial Board Member

Petar Pejić is a Ph.D. researcher of architecture and Teaching associate at Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in University of Niš, Serbia. His research interests include: analysis of daylighting laws and regulations, new buildings shadows impact on existing, right to light, computer simulation for building energy performance, photogrammetry, and sustainable Architecture.

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Research Interests

  • Shadows impact
  • Daylighting laws and regulations
  • Computer simulation for building energy performance
  • Building energy modeling and simulation
  • Sustainable Architecture

Selected Publications

The effect of architectural façade design on energy savings in the student dormitory

Journal: Thermal Science

Published: 2014 | External link

Importance of building orientation in determining daylighting quality in student dorm rooms: Physical and simulated daylighting parameters’ values compared to subjective survey results

Journal: Energy and Buildings

Published: 2014 | External link

Comparative Analysis of Terrestrial Semi-automatic and Automatic Photogrammetry in 3D Modeling Process

Journal: Nexus Network Journal

Published: 2014 | External link

Significance of daylight in the design and construction of buildings

Journal: Građevinar

Published: 2013 | External link