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Thanks to reviewers

All submitted manuscripts to the journal follows single blinded peer-review processing where the information of the reviewers is hidden from the authors. The accepted manuscripts are peer reviewed by the experts assigned by the editor. The time for peer review processing is twenty business days. The following policy is adopted for manuscript decision:

  1. If at least two reviewers support and ensure the quality and recommend the manuscript for the publication, the manuscript is processed and published without any changes with editor’s approval.
  2. If the reviewer suggest for the revision (minor/major) the corresponding author will be notified to make the desirable changes in the manuscript towards publication.
  3. If more than two reviewers express their disapproval towards the publication, the manuscript will be rejected.

The mission of Journal of Daylighting is the communication of excellent research work from all fields of daylighting. Clearly, a scientific journal’s greatest responsibility toward the scientific community is to ensure that all contributions accepted for publication are rigorously but fairly reviewed. For this reason, all manuscripts published in the journal are reviewed by expert referees. The final quality of papers accepted for publication depends to a considerable extent on the reviewers, who give valuable constructive criticism to the authors. The input and dedication of all our reviewers are highly appreciated by both the editors and the authors.

We gratefully acknowledge the valuable support of the scientists who have reviewed papers for the journal of Daylighting.