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Dr Lambros T. Doulos

Associate Editor

National Technical University of Athens

Brief Bio

Dr Lambros T. Doulos was born in Athens, Greece on September 19, 1975. He received the Dipl. in Physics from the University of Athens, Physics Department, in 1999, the MSc Dipl. in Environmental Physics from the University of Athens, Physics Department, in 2002 and the PhD Dipl. from the National Technical University of Athens in 2010. He is an expert in lighting design, rational use of energy in lighting systems, use of daylight in buildings, development of innovative photosensors, road and tunnel lighting measurements. He works at Lighting Laboratory (NTUA) as a Researcher and as an Adjunct Professor in the MA program “Lighting Design” at Hellenic Open University where he teaches the course “Lighting Technology and connection with production”. He is the writer of number of publications, and books dealing with lighting, lighting controls and energy saving. Several research projects have implemented by the researcher. He also offers consultancy services in lighting design and building's low energy techniques.

Research areas


National Technical University of Athens
National Technical University of Athens, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 9 Iroon Politecniou Street, 157 80 Zografou, Athens , Greece
Email: ldoulos@mail.ntua.gr
Tel: +30 6937 086820


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