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Dr Karam M. Al-Obaidi

Editorial Board Member

Sheffield Hallam University

Brief Bio

Dr. Karam M. Al-Obaidi is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of the Natural and Built Environment at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Dr. Karam is an architectural engineer, educator and international researcher in sustainable design and environmental architecture. His research interests include environmental and biomimetic architecture, building performance, indoor environmental quality, sustainable building technologies and architectural systems.

Research areas


Senior Lecturer
Sheffield Hallam University
Department of the Natural and Built Environment, Sheffield Hallam University, UK, Sheffield S1 1WB, UK
Email: karam_arc@yahoo.com
Tel: 44 01142255861
Website: https://www.shu.ac.uk/about-us/our-people/staff-profiles/karam-al-obaidi


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Potential of fibre optic daylighting systems in tropical Malaysia
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Journal: Energy Conversion and Management
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A study of the impact of environmental loads that penetrate a passive skylight roofing system in Malaysian buildings
Journal: Frontiers of Architectural Research
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A review study on the application of the fibre optic daylighting system in Malaysian buildings
Journal: International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development
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