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Alp Tural

Editorial Board Member

Virginia Tech

Brief Bio

Alp Tural is an Assistant Professor in the Interior Design Program. His research interests lie mainly at the intersection of interior spatial experience and technology. Using eye tracking and digital photography, he explores issues related to visual perception and building codes. He teaches sophomore design studios, building systems, and construction documents courses.

Research areas


Assistant Professor
Virginia Tech
201 Cowgill Hall (MC 0205), Blacksburg, Virginia 24061, USA
Email: alp@vt.edu
Tel: 540-231-1846
Website: https://archdesign.caus.vt.edu/faculty/alptural/


Lighting distribution analyses in low-light indoor settings: An HDR-based analysis to improve night-time lighting design solutions for seniors and the visually impaired
Conference: Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Research Symposium, Light + Intelligence
Published: 2022

Luminance contrast analyses for low vision in a senior living facility: A proposal for an HDR imageā€based analysis tool
Journal: Building & Environment
Published: 2014

Lighting Monuments: Reflections on Outdoor Lighting and Environmental Appraisal
Journal: Building and Environment
Published: 2006