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Frequency: Bi-annual (2 issues/year) (articles published continuously throughout the year)
Year started: 2014
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Latest Articles

Daylight Transport Systems for Buildings at High Latitudes

Biljana Obradovic, Barbara Szybinska Matusiak

Review article This paper is a literature study of daylight transport systems aiming at selecting the most appropriate ones for application at high latitudes. It is ...

Published on 29 September 2019

Optimum Glazing Configurations for Visual Performance in Algerian Classrooms under Mediterranean Climate

Mesloub Abdelhakim, Yaik-Wah Lim, Mohd Zin Kandar

Research article Daylight quality and quantity in Algerian schools show serious problems in ensuring visual comfort of students and teachers. Some problems are due to ...

Published on 10 April 2019

Application of Micro-structured Sunlighting Systems in Different Climatic Zones

Helmut F.O. Mueller

Research article Two-sided micro-structures on windowpanes have been developed for redirecting sunlight into the depth of rooms in order to improve daylighting. In a j ...

Published on 04 September 2019

The Effect of Sky View Factor on Air temperature in High-rise Urban Residential Environments

Golnar Baghaeipoor, Nazanin Nasrollahi

Research article Urban geometry is defined by the height, length, width, and distance of buildings, which affect the urban environment and its microclimate, especially ...

Published on 30 August 2019

Towards New Design of Laser Cut Acrylic Panels for Windows

Andreas Weibye, Barbara Matusiak

Research article This paper builds upon existing research into laser cut panels and aims to find new design-patterns that would improve daylighting conditions of exist ...

Published on 15 January 2019

A Review on Solar Concentrators with Multi-surface and Multi-element Combinations

Xinglong Ma, Hongfei Zheng, Shuli Liu

Review article Solar concentrator always plays an important role in solar energy collection as it could enhance the energy density effectively. Various structures of ...

Published on 09 October 2019


Journal of Daylighting is an international journal devoted to investigations of daylighting in buildings. It is the leading journal that publishes original research on all aspects of solar energy and lighting.

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Research Articles

Annual Performance Assessment of Complex Fenestration Systems in Sunny Climates Using Advanced Computer Simulations

Chantal Basurto, Jérôme H. Kämpf, Jean-Louis Scartezzini

Research article Complex Fenestration Systems (CFS) are advanced daylighting systems that are placed on the upper part of a window to improve the indoor daylight distr ...

Published on 09 October 2015

Daylight utilization with light pipe in farm animal production: a simulation approach

Alejandro Pacheco Diéguez’, Niko Gentile, Hans von Wachenfelt, Marie-Claude Duboisba

Research article Light pipes, which are complex optical systems, offer a passive way to bring daylight to deep buildings, such as agricultural buildings. However, the ...

Published on 08 January 2016

Solar shading in low energy office buildings - design strategy and user perception

Steinar Grynning, Nicola Lolli, Solvår Wågø, Birgit Risholt

Research article Moving towards passive house-level envelopes, zero-energy buildings, or zero-emission buildings, where the carbon footprints of the buildings are mini ...

Published on 02 February 2017

Appraisal of the visual environment in an industrial factory: a case study in subtropical climates

Kieu Pham, Veronica Garcia-Hansen, Gillian Isoardic

Research article The physiological and psychological benefits of daylighting for office occupants have been well explored. Current research usually focuses on visual c ...

Published on 10 September 2016

Lighting Energy Saving with Light Pipe in Farm Animal Production

Hans von Wachenfelt, Vaia Vakouli, Alejandro Pacheco Diéguez’, Niko Gentile, Marie-Claude Dubois, Knut-Håkan Jeppsson

Research article The Swedish animal production sector has potential for saving electric lighting of €4-9 million per year using efficient daylight utilisation. To demo ...

Published on 08 September 2015

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